The Birth of Betsy

Betsy is our fourth baby. We didn’t know her gender and loved having a surprise. At 41 weeks and 5 days, it was my longest pregnancy. I do wonder if I almost held onto my pregnancy a little bit. [...]


Four Baby VS First Baby

The same beach, the same mum, six years on! What have I learnt? -People love to tell you their opinion and make it sound like fact. This starts in pregnancy! -Not all mums with babies the same [...]


Birth: A Dad’s Perspective

Last year I worked with a lovely couple in preparation for the birth of their first baby. They had a wonderfully positive experience and I am so grateful that this new dad has kindly shared his [...]


Pregnancy Bucket List

33 weeks, baby number four. People keep saying that they bet I can’t wait for it to be over now but actually I don’t feel like that at all. I love this stage! The excitement, the anticipation, [...]


Why a Hypnobirthing Teacher booked a Hypnobirthing session

So last week at 27 weeks of pregnancy Adam and I had a Hypnobirthing refresher session with the lovely Amanda Wardle. Not only have I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda a few times in the past [...]


Me and my Fourth Pregnancy

When I became pregnant with baby number 4 it did cross my mind how fab it would be to have lots of pregnant stuff to reflect on in my blog. Yet, almost 23 weeks in I haven’t written one single [...]


Leaving the career I loved…

This is us 5 years ago. I’d just walked away from a career I’d worked so hard for. I walked out of that secondary school for the very last time just 3 months after returning from maternity leave. [...]

The Births that inspired my business…

My passion for Hypnobirthing was very much inspired by the difference that it made to my own view of birth. I was petrified of birth, I worried about my low pain threshold, I expected to be [...]

Due Date Shmue Date

Your estimated due date maybe ingrained in your soul but does it really mean much? How likely is your baby to make an appearance at that point? It’s so important to understand this date as it can [...]

Top 5 Pregnancy Must Reads

9 months of pregnancy is pretty long and although you might wish you were more like a goat with only a 4 month wait until birth, at least you’ve got a good while to prepare. Imagine if you spent [...]

Creating Your Birthing Environment For An Easier Birth

When you are about to go to sleep you are likely to adjust the room. Perhaps you make it more comfortable, perhaps you change the lighting and temperature. You know that environment is going to [...]

Bridezilla to Birthzilla

The other day I read an article that totally wound me up. It was referring to some birthing women as Birthzillas and saying how they make health professionals jobs tough. Now there were so many [...]

A letter to my wife…

One of my clients has written this beautiful post dedicated to his incredible wife to honour how amazing she was throughout the birth of their beautiful daughter…   So, here we are [...]

Prepare for Birth like you would a marathon

Today is the London Marathon, thousands of people will be ready to push their bodys’ to achieve something wonderful. They might be feeling excited, apprehensive, unsure exactly how it’s going to [...]

What if I hadn’t found Hypnobirthing?

I can totally freak myself out when I think about what my life might have been like if I hadn’t found Hypnobirthing. If that chance encounter with an old friend hadn’t introduced me to this [...]

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