After five years in the Hypnobirthing world I’m so happy to be supporting other passionate people to train to become Hypnobirthing teachers.

There’s no job like it. It truly is a privilege to work with expectant parents whilst at the same time having the freedom to work around your own family and lifestyle.

If you are curious about becoming a Hypnobirthing teacher and are interested in finding out what makes Love Your Birth Training so different then head over to my training website or drop me a message for a chat. 

Abby x


Abby is a warm, inspiring and really knowledgeable mentor. Her sunny personality really lifts you up and inspires you to be the very best you can be!

Her course is full of exciting, engaging and interactive elements which have made a huge difference to how I feel about my courses and the responses and interaction I am seeing from my clients.

The thought provoking activities really get parents to start thinking for themselves instead of spoon feeding or just lecturing them!

Abby’s really clear structure is so cleverly designed into digestible, bite size chunks with just the right amount of information for parents to take in during the class plus really helpful and beautifully designed hand outs and worksheets within her workbook too.

I’d really recommend training and mentoring with Abby. She will inspire you, support you and you will feel so confident teaching your Hypnobirthing course, knowing it’s the best out there!

Danielle Freshwater, Confident Birthing