Four Baby VS First Baby

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The same beach, the same mum, six years on!

What have I learnt?

-People love to tell you their opinion and make it sound like fact. This starts in pregnancy!

-Not all mums with babies the same age are ‘your people ‘ and that’s ok.

-There’s loads of things you really don’t need to buy for baby e.g. top and tail bowl, baby shoes

-Breastfeeding isn’t one bit what I thought it would be. It’s hard, yes but so rewarding!

-Other mums are not judging. We are all far too bothered with what’s going on in our own lives.

-Not all babies sleep through from 6 weeks! (First baby was a total fluke sadly!!!!)

-Everyone has tough days and it’s ok not to love every minute of being a parent.

-Slings make life easier and are not as complex as they look.

-I CAN wait. First baby- I can’t wait for you to eat, crawl, walk.
Fourth baby- stay tiny, take your time, let me breath in your tininess.

-First baby or fourth baby, we are all learning as we go!

-Motherhood changes you. Not in a scary, loosing yourself kinda way. But In a beautiful evolution of an enhanced you.

-The principles of hypnobirthing apply beyond the birth. Such as making informed decisions, calmness helps things flow, looking after yourself, feeling supported etc

-And they were right… Babies really do grow too quickly!!!!

Abby x


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