Imagine feeling totally confident about your baby’s birth, knowing that you have the tools to have a positive experience however it happens!

Group and Bespoke one to one 5* rated Hypnobirthing courses in West Yorkshire

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Excited?

You totally can’t wait to meet your baby. Your spare room now looks like a Mamas and Papas showroom. You’ve got those cute spotty baby grows in every size. And your list of baby names is finally narrowing!

But first there’s the birth!!!

Just mentioning labour and childbirth makes you feel on edge. How can you truly enjoy being pregnant when you feel like you have to go through something traumatising first?!

You’ve heard all the horror stories, watched One Born Every Minute and your baby’s birth is seriously freaking you out.

The thought that you can’t control birth is unsettling- especially when control is your middle name! Everything else in your life is in your power and the thought that birth can’t be ‘controlled’ fills you with dread.

Then there’s the pain! EVERYONE talks about the pain. You even consider yourself to have a low pain threshold. Argghh the dread!

Then you stumbled upon Hypnobirthing and heard that birth doesn’t have to be scary and out of control. You saw some clips of calm, easy births on Youtube and you fancy one of those!

Well you are in the right place. I’m so glad you found me!

I know exactly how you feel! I was you!

I’m Abby and seven years ago I was pregnant with my first baby. I dreaded his birth, I shuddered when I was told I’d have to ‘leave my dignity at the door’. For the first few months of pregnancy I miserably buried my head in the sand. Then by a stroke of luck I found Hypnobirthing.

Beginning my Hypnobirthing classes changed everything! Hypnobirthing proved to be logical and nothing like the hippy shiz I was expecting. I dragged my husband along kicking and screaming (slight exaggeration!).

It changed my expectations in pregnancy and then impacted my birth so powerfully. My fears disappeared and they were replaced by excitement (yes, you read that right) I felt prepared, confident and equipped.

And it can do the same for you!

My husband loved it too and he realised that he wouldn’t be the spare part his friends had said he’d be.

I gave birth with no pain relief (seriously, I’m usually a wuss) and I couldn’t wait to do it again! And I did, three more times!

So let me share my honest, 100% logical and no hippy nonsense approach to Hypnobirthing. Let me share the powerful yet simple Hypnobirthing techniques with you. And if you are ever not sure please check out my client’s Hypnobirthing birth stories and my Hypnobirthing reviews or give me a call and we can chat about my birth changing classes.

I’m delighted to say that since 2018 I have the wonderful Hannah Brown joining me teaching my tried an tested approach to Hypnobirthing. We offer group and private Hypnobirthing courses in the West Yorkshire area including Leeds, Halifax, Bradford, Huddersfield, Castleford, Pontefract, Wakefield and Dewsbury. If you are slightly further away, do get in touch as we will do all we can to get to you.


Hypnobirthing Course Details

Hypnobirthing is an enjoyable, complete birth preparation course that works effectively to reduce the fear of childbirth, allowing couples to look forward to their baby’s birth. Studying Hypnobirthing greatly increases the likelihood of having a natural birth with less need for pain relief.


About Abby and Hannah

I am passionate about helping women have wonderful, calm and positive births. I take great interest in modern maternity issues and I strongly believe women should be given informed choice when it comes to their care and their births.