Course Details

At Love Your Birth we offer group, Bespoke one to one Hypnobirthing classes and intensive Hypnobirthing courses. As experienced Hypnobirthing teachers we know what works. Expect a logical, clear and honest approach to Hypnobirthing. Absolutely no false promises or hippy mumbojumbo.

We will show you how to work with your body rather than against it and support you in whatever choices you make in your baby’s birth, where ever you chose that to be. Hypnobirthing isn’t about a ‘type’ of birth it’s tools, techniques and a mindset to be fearless, calm and have the best possible experience for you!


We are holding a free taster session on Monday 7th September 7-8pm. This is for you if you are interested in booking a course and you’d like to sample our birth changing course before you book. Book your place below or scroll down to see the other courses we offer.



So Lets:

  • Replace fear with excitement
  • Show you that you do have control and a voice
  • Help you to enjoy your pregnancy
  • Become armed with powerful tools and techniques for staying calm and comfortable during labour and birth
  • Equip your birth partner to be the support you need them to be
  • Ultimately have the best possible birth experience. Easier, more comfortable and memorable for all the right reasons
  • Start parenthood in the best possible way!

Private Course via Video Call

Our 5 star rated course wherever you are in world


Group Hypnobirthing Classes

Meet others parents as you prepare for a calm birth


One to One Hypnobirthing Classes

A bespoke course in the comfort of your own home


Intensive Course

A one session course covering all the essential for those short on time


Refresher Course

A recap course for those who have already done a Hypnobirthing course in a previous pregnancy