Pregnancy Bucket List

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33 weeks, baby number four. People keep saying that they bet I can’t wait for it to be over now but actually I don’t feel like that at all. I love this stage! The excitement, the anticipation, the bump, the magic of feeling your baby move from the inside! I feel very aware that this is pregnancy is my last, I’m 99% sure it will be I want to embrace it because as much as it’s exciting to get to the next stage I know I’ll miss this.

To help myself embrace as much of this pregnancy as possible I’ve written myself a pregnancy bucket list. Whether this is your first or eighth baby it’s always special and deserves honouring. Plus an added benefit is it keeps you enjoying the moment rather than wishing the weeks away.

So here’s what I’ve got:


-Reflexology- can you believe I’ve never tried this?!!!

-One to one pregnancy yoga- I’ve had one session before with the lovely Adele at Bingley Birth Therapies and loved it. If I’m honest it made me feel a little bit like a celeb having my very own yoga teacher to myself Ha! I will definitely be having a few more sessions.

-Maternity photo shoot- I’ve never had one of these in my previous pregnancies and to be honest I haven’t got loads of prego photos despite being pregnant four times in six years. I went for a photo shoot with Clare at Austhorpe photography last week. I loved it despite my nerves!!

-Spa day- there’s nothing like a whole day of relaxation and pampering! Spa days are my favourite thing to do and when is better to treat yourself like this than in pregnancy? I have one booked for Thursday with my sisters and hoping to get another in with hubs before baby comes.

-Baby shower/blessingway- So love bringing everyone together to celebrate this special time. Oh and I want a Flower wall I’ve been lusting after baby shower pictures complete with a flower wall! I just have to have one!! Sorry to be a diva Ha!

-Writing a letter to my unborn baby- just thinking about this makes me all teary!!! I’ve never written one before but think it will be a lovely, bonding thing to do.

-Declutter!!! I’ve gone declutter mad this pregnancy and I’m loving it. I actually enjoy it once I get stuck in and the sense of satisfaction when it’s done is incredible!! I’ve got a few more rooms to go as I embrace my nesting.

-A special mummy and me day with each of my three children to give them some lovely one to one time before baby arrives.


What would you add???

Abby x

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