Birth Stories

The Birth of Oscar

As soon as my due date arrived the text messages started ‘when is the baby coming?!’ I would politely text back with ‘when baby is ready’, but it started to get to me a little more than I expected. I focused on what Abby had taught my husband and I and stayed calm and relaxed. Pregnancy massage, facial, pedicures, hair cuts and lots of tea and cake with friends kept me busy and I continued to plan things in without focusing on the passing days. Then seven days past due I had a midwife appointment. She was incredibly supportive of our choices to push back any intervention. I still felt a little wobbly so I cracked on with some hypno birthing practice and relaxation and set myself up a little positive birthing shrine with pictures of my scan, my husband and I and some positive affirmation cards that were relevant. I took a picture too so I could carry the image with me just in case.

At 41 +2 I felt what could be a mild surge around 13:00. I was on my way to the Whiterose Centre so made the decision to continue with my plans. I had another mild surge about 30 minutes later followed by a show. I called my husband to excitedly advise ‘we’re in business!’ Never did I think I would be excited at this point. I thought I’d be filled with terror and dread.

As I drove home the surges got closer together and intensified. When I got home I ran a bath, lit candles and listened to my relaxation tracks and hypnobirthing play list that I’d been listening to since Abby’s sessions. By the time Simon arrived home my surges were about 3-4 minutes apart and lasted about 45-60 seconds in length. I took a couple of paracetamol and took the birthing centre’s advice to make my way in. I stayed calm during the journey (regardless of an accident blocking the M62!) and spent most of the time in the footwell as it was more comfortable! We arrived at the birthing centre around 17:00 and I was 9cm dilated. I got straight into my lovely warm pool. The sensation was amazing. Simon gave our birthing plan to the midwife and set up flickering tea lights and our relaxation music.

As the down stage started Simon got into the pool with me. When the babies head appeared there was a bit of a commotion. Because he was still in his fluid sack, the midwife couldn’t see his face. She thought it was his bum! The alarm was sounded, lights came on and the room flooded with people. Simon stepped into role as birth protector and asked everyone to calm down and keep the noise to a minimum. He was brilliant. I was then instructed to push for the baby’s safety as my surges had stopped. They stimulated my tummy and with the next surge baby Oscar was born! We brought him up from the pool to find out we’d had a little boy. Calm and alert. His little eyes taking in his mummy and daddy for the first time. 7lb 15oz at 20:28 – and with only two paracetamol to aid his arrival.

We were a calm little family having lots of skin to skin contact and getting to know little Oscar. He latched on for his first feed within an hour or so and Simon and I enjoyed our well deserved tea and toast. The delayed cord clamping meant he had a lovely colour and got lots of additional goodness.

This would not have happened without Abby’s support. It was a perfect experience, regardless of a couple of bumps in the road. Words cannot thank you enough Abby!


Janine and Simon, Mirfield