Birth Stories

The Birth of Ibrahim

Hi Abby hope you’re well!

Just want to let you know about our good news.

We have given a birth to beautiful baby boy on 27th October at 5:15am.

My surges started at 2:15 am on 27th and they were already 4 minutes a part. At first I thought they were just Braxton hicks but they kept coming and getting more stronger inn just half an hour. So I woke my husband up and he rang Halifax birth Centre.

They were asking if I had had a show but I didn’t have any show. However they said I could come in and they could examine me. So we left the house and by the time we got there it was half 3am. On the journey to hospital I used my breathing techniques and also positive thoughts and it helped me to stay calm.

It was a male midwife called David who was on duty that morning. We told him we had done a hypnobirthing course and we would like to use it and he was very positive about that. He looked at our birthing plan and followed that.

Around 3:45am he examined me and I was already 8cm dilated. Straight away they started filling the pool for me. They switched the lights off and turned the lamp on. My husband and David both kept reminding me of using breathing techniques when I had a surge and by 4 o’ clock I was in the pool

I felt so relaxed and didn’t feel any sensation at all. I didn’t even need any pain relief or gas an air! As soon I got settled in pool, I had the urge to push and I started pushing, I didn’t need anyone to tell me when I need to push, I just followed my instincts and when my body told me to push.

All in all I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy at 5:15 am. It was so quick I didn’t even need to listen to my MP3s as I didn’t have any time in between.

I just can’t thank you enough Abby, I wouldn’t be able to have relaxing experience as I had without your hypnobirthing course so thank you so much.


Farah and Mo, Huddersfield