Birth Stories

The Birth of Harry

It is hard to tell you where my labour started, as I had sensations in my back and similar to period cramps Saturday afternoon. I spent the majority of the afternoon in my bed, with my relaxation music on & my lavender diffuser. However into the early hours these got stronger, which had me put walking at 5am to try and ease the discomfort.

These sensations stopped around 8am Sunday and we had a fantastic day. We had family over for brunch, went on a lovely walk with my brother & his partner then out for tea. We both probably had the best nights sleep in a long time!

Monday arrived and the feelings also started.

These feelings of discomfort in my lower back were progressing through the day on & off, I was finding leaning over the bed a more comfortable position but I was trying to focus on the things going on around me so Lee & I attempted to go in the car for a mooch around Town, however I had to get out of the car at Ainley Top roundabout. We decided to go for a coffee and a walk in Lindley instead.

We went up to bed around 10pm and around 1030pm the feelings were back in full swing. I decided to it was time to breath through these sensations and that something could be happening. It was my decision to let Lee sleep as I believed that if this was something I needed him with a clear mind and not tired.

I spent my time during the early hours of Tuesday either leaning on my bed or bouncing on my birth ball downstairs with my calming lavender diffuser going. I could feel my self getting tired as the sensations in my back were becoming stronger & more regular around 7am. I decided to run myself a bath and time these sensations. The bath seemed to soothe things, however once out I was back up again leaning against our bed.

Lee rang the birth unit at Huddersfield for some advice at 11am as I was becoming tired and the sensations were now coming thick & fast.
They were very supportive and said if we felt relaxed to stay at home otherwise we could go down.

I tried very hard with Lees help to use my breathing techniques however I did find myself zoning so far out I was forgetting to breath in. Lee kept raining me in.

The thing going through my head at this point was that I shouldn’t scream… I was grunting and screaming through these next lot. They were very strong, manageable but I was also becoming very tired. Lee chopped me up some apple and was handing me my water bottle to keep hydrated. I did take 2 paracetamol at this point however I do not believe it helped sugar coat any barrier.

I do remember questioning myself and at one point wondering how I could do this.

Around 12.30pm I had a little blood & water come out. Lee decided it was time to go to the birth unit. So helped me get dressed and tackled getting me downstairs and to the car. By this point I was grunting with every surge & finding my self squatting as they came.

All my weight was dependent upon Lee, my legs did not feel like mine and adrenaline had kicked in as my body was shaking.

We eventually got to the car park at Huddersfield. To me this is a little blur however someone in the car park asked Lee if he needed help as I could not walk through each surge. A very helpful lady from the A&E department came with a wheelchair, as I knelt on the chair she was speeding the birth unit.

We arrived in the birth unit to be greeted by a lovely midwife called Laura at 2pm. She was very softly spoken, the room was dimly light & the pool was filled. Laura guided me into the pool and told me to go with my body. The water did ease my surges and I felt relaxed.

Lee put our relaxation music on and came to help me with my breathing.

In my birth plan I did ask for no coach pushing however we did not have time to give any notes to anyone.
Lee was guiding me through each surge and Laura was very supportive during this.

Our baby Harry James was born at 2.26pm, I reached down to get him from the water and I cannot explain to you the love Lee & I both felt immediately.

Harry weighed 7lb 3oz.

Thankfully due to my downward breathing I did not tear and I can truly say it was such a great experience! The surges were very powerful and they were uncomfortable but with the help of Lee guiding me through these they became manageable.

Harry & I did skin to skin, with delayed cord clamping. Once I was out of the pool, Lee continued the skin to skin. My placenta was delivered naturally within half an hour and Harry was given his vitamin K jab. These were decisions we had decided upon and in our birth plan.

Thank you for your guidance throughout!

Without you and the hypno course we would not of known the things we did throughout our pregnancy and labour.


Rebecca and Lee, Halifax