Birth Stories

The Birth of India

Hi Abby

Announcing the very fast arrival of little India, Betty-Rose Hall. 6.6lb
On 27th September at 2.59 pm in Barnsley

We’re over the moon and incredibly in love.
The little munchkin took a total of 25-min pushing and a whole labour of 3-hours!!
Minimal tearing and tens machine and a little gas n air!

Very fast, but they honoured our birth plan as much as they could and listened when Craig refused the ‘placenta’ injection on my behalf. That came away on its own within 15-min while Indi suckled away peacefully enjoying her last ounce of blood from her cord.

A little stressful due to the speed, but the cds kept us both calm and I’m sure influenced our state of mind.

I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing, it was an incredible experience.

Thank you