The Birth of Esme Willow

The birth was not how I’d visualised it but I was armed with all the tools to make decisions during pregnancy and during the section. I am so grateful that Richard took the course too and was able to support me through it all. He remained so calm and was an amazing birth partner!

The Birth of Peter

I feel that hypnobirthing gave me the tools to labour at home for 18 hours using breathing techniques and staying calm, boosting oxytocin and staying positive throughout the birth. Hypnobirthing also helped me make informed decisions regarding my pregnancy and birth, and helped me understand that it is my body and my birth and every aspect was my decision.

I reached into the pool between my legs to bring my baby up to my chest and couldn’t believe she was finally here. It was the best feeling in the world as she gazed up at me, not crying at all, just calmly taking it all in.

The Birth of Rhia

In what felt like a whirlwind, in less then 24hrs of going into hospital saying goodbye to my husband and being induced on my own, our little girl was born and changed our lives forever. The nurses were surprised with how quickly and calmly it happened. Especially for our first birth. It was the most magical experience and I honestly believe the hypno-birthing helped me get through it.

The Birth of Rufus

I couldn’t believe that I’d done it! We’d done it! Hypnobirthing not only enabled me to go through the majority of labour with little pain relief, just the use of breathing and relaxation techniques, it had also given Matt so much confidence knowing more about the labour and the ways in which he can help me through it.

The Birth of Hugo

After several intense and powerful surges Hugo’s head was born and the rest of his body with the next surge. Natalie told me to reach down and catch him and she supported me to lift him up onto my chest. ‘I did it!’

The Birth of Leo

Without the hypnobirthing course with Hannah I would have really struggled to stay calm with the changes in my birth plan and the techniques that I learnt were invaluable.

The Birth of Jaxx

Everything was so calm and peaceful and all of a sudden with one big surge came our baby boys head (husband running out to get the midwife) and on the next surge our baby boy arrived and floated to the surface for me to catch him face up!

The Birth of Ted

I am so grateful to have had two amazing birth experiences. Both our babies have be content calm babies who are also absolute water babies and love the water. If you’re thinking of doing Hypnobirthing – do it!

The Birth of Aoife

We felt relaxed knowing the kids were safe, we were safe and we were armed with lots of hypnobirthing tools to make sure we still had a positive birth.

The Birth of Oliver

My husband started to get the house ready with low soft lights and running a bath. As soon as I got into a bath I felt much more relaxed, and it was easier to meet each wave but even at that point I wasn’t sure if that was the “real thing”.

The Birth of Zachary

Zachary is a chilled out little man, similar to his big sister, something we put down to a chilled out pregnancy full of relaxing, calm music and amazing affirmations.

The Birth of Felicity

If we hadn’t of done hypnobirthing with Hannah, I honestly don’t think I would of been able to deal with the changes to my birth preferences as calmly and as well as I did. I really, really enjoyed my birth experience and it was nothing but positive!

Baby Girl

I BLOOMING WELL DID IT! I still wouldn’t say it was painful just an incredible, intense experience.

The Birth of Jonathan

After been told we only had 10% chance of conceiving naturally, multiple miscarriages, two failed IVF cycles, we have our two beautiful baby boys both naturally. Our final piece of our jigsaw is complete, Jonathan George William Fretter born 21.15 at home in the pool with no pain relief weighing 7lb 6oz.
Hypnobirthing got me through my 36hr on and off labour that was intense and very empowering but so worth it.

The Birth of Elizabeth

Abby I can’t tell you enough how thankful to you we are. Without the Hypnobirthing course I know I couldn’t have done that. It meant I was fully prepared and informed. Thank you so so much and I can’t wait to introduce you to her at February’s coffee morning.

The Birth of Joshua

I really think the Hypnobirthing played a huge role in my quick labour. Not only did the course provide us with an in depth understanding and awareness of birth, what to expect, our choices, the options and the different routes birth can take, but it taught us to be comfortable, calm and trusting of my body, making it an amazing and wonderful experience.

The Birth of Agnes

The birth was the most perfect experience that I could have wished for. I felt hugely empowered by Abby’s support and her hypnobirthing course; the main thing I took away was to trust my instincts and do what I felt was right for my baby and my body.

The Birth of Piper

I remember looking down into the water at her thinking ‘I DID IT!’ In fact I probably shouted it out! I picked her up and scooped her in. I don’t think I’ve ever been as proud of myself as I did right there. I felt empowered!

The Birth of Charlie

When I realised what was happening, I think I just went calm – because of all I’d learned in hypnobirthing about the process, and all the positive birth stories I’d read and watched. I remember whispering between ‘pushes’ ‘come on baby, we can do this’. And we did. Women’s bodies are just amazing. 

The Birth of Joshua

What could have been a challenging experience was a really positive one for both of us thanks to the tools, knowledge and confidence that hypnobirthing equipped us with as a couple. We felt empowered and calm in the run up to and the birth and the birth itself and are loving being parents to our beautiful baby boy.

The Birth of Maddox

I honestly feel like a warrior. I know I wouldn’t have been able to deal with any of these curveballs if it wasn’t for you and for the hypnobirthing knowledge you gave me.

The Birth of Lucy

The birth was so positive. I managed to stay at home until I was 9cm. I was then in active labour for 3 hours and all I needed was the breathing techniques and 2 paracetamol at the start of labour.

The Birth of Kyan

Hypnobirthing truly taught us the techniques to an amazing, calm pregnancy and birth, which enabled us to not panic and remain calm at home and resulted in the perfect birth for us

The Birth of Effie Grace

So the moral of the story I guess is, hypnobirthing isn’t just for a ‘normal’ birth, it helped me enormously to deal with the changes and challenges we were confronted with… thank you hypnobirthing, and thank you Abby… we couldn’t have done it without you!!

The Birth of Oscar

Throughout the whole birth I just trusted in my body and baby to know what they were doing, and so I didn’t feel scared or any anxiety, I was just really excited to see my baby!

The Birth of Penelope Rose

We would like to thank you so much for the valuable techniques you have taught us. I believe we would not have had the same experience if we had not attended your course. It made both me and Chris feel empowered that we could achieve the experience we so desperately wanted.

The Birth of Grayson

We definitely feel that Hypnobirthing massively contributed to us having the positive birth that we hoped for. The strategies played a key part in us remaining calm, relaxed, focused and most importantly in control.

The Birth of Harry

Thankfully due to my downward breathing I did not tear and I can truly say it was such a great experience! The surges were very powerful and they were uncomfortable but with the help of Lee guiding me through these they became manageable.

The Birth of Evelyn

I feel so grateful for the hypnobirthing course, which meant that we had a good and memorable experience through the day in labour, and coped well when things didn’t go as we had hoped.

The Birth of Casper

I can honestly say I had the most wonderful birth experience and there isn’t a single thing I’d change, It was such an enjoyable and relaxing experience all thanks to what you taught us I cannot tell you how gratefull we are for Hypnobirthing techniques it allowed me to have a natural, pain relief free water birth- eveything I had visualised and wanted from the moment I found out I was pregnant.

The Birth of Alistair

I have to say that the trainee midwife who tended to us during the birth congratulated us on how well we had done and what a calm and focused birth it had been, thanking us for allowing her to experience it with us!! This I feel is testament to how useful your sessions were to us and how well the techniques of hypnobirthing aided the birth of our son.

The Birth of Emilia

If it hadn’t been for hypnobirthing I would look back at my birth and think of it as all the things I didn’t want but instead I focus on all the positives things and the control we had over it. Thank you so much Abby!

The Birth of Libby

After Libby was born the anaesthetist remarked on how calm I was throughout the whole process and if I was meditating as he’d never had anyone’s heart rate go down during surgery before. Which was all down to focusing on my breathing and the techniques you taught me.

The Birth of Sebastian

I breathed through the theatre prep and I have no doubt that Hypnobirthing allowed me to take it in my stride. I always felt empowered even if I couldn’t follow the original idea of what a natural birth would have been like.

The Birth of Eliza

hypnobirthing did really help and having the tools to remain calm as much as possible and make decisions that felt right for us was empowering. James felt it especially helped him to know how to keep me calm and focused and how to ask the right questions and not just accept what we were being told.

The Birth of Ayla

I’m totally convinced that the combination of a homebirth and Abby’s course were what gave us the happy birth we had. Everyone remembers giving birth forever so I’m eternally grateful to Abby for our happy memory.

The Birth of Polly

I got in the birth pool where I spent the next 7hrs on all fours. Calmly breathing through each surge, having Chris massage a tennis ball into my back and nodding in between. At one point I was so relaxed I let go of the side and went under water! I had my birth playlist playing, tealights lit, munching jelly babies and we were having a lovely chat with Julie.

The Birth of Elsie

I truly couldn’t have done this without my hypnobirthing practice. I was incredibly fearful of labour and all it entailed beforehand and yet the course with Abby guided me through the fact I had choices and some control to labour in a way I felt comfortable with.


This is definitely the most wonderful experience I could have had, in fact it is better than even I could have imagined.


I am so glad that we did the sessions with you as it totally made us feel empowered going into labour and allowed us to not at any point feel anxious about the birth.

The Birth of Finley

Hypnobirthing really is a brilliant way to stay focused, calm and in control. I learned to just let go and trust my body, and in the end, it lead to a fabulous birth. Better than I could ever have hoped for!


I still can’t get over what a relaxed event it all was, we were all in bed eating ice creams from the ice cream van shortly after I gave birth!

The Birth of Judah

Having those initial minutes of skin to skin with him was the moment I desperately wanted to have since it was taken away from me last time. It was a moment I’d rehearsed over & over in my mind and to finally get to enjoy it was truly wonderful

The Birth of Darcey

We got the lights turned down as much as possible and I was able to cope with the surges that came strong and steady and breathe through them all nicely.

The Birth of Max

The knowledge and skills Abby gave Patrick, enabling him to be a calm and supportive birth partner were invaluable- I couldn’t have done it without him. I would recommend Abby’s classes to anyone expecting a baby, it’s the best preparation we did for bringing our beautiful, calm, Hypnobaby, Max, into the world.

The Birth of Emma

Hypnobirthing helped me refocus, let go of the things I couldn’t control and hold onto those I could, and it turned out to be a fabulous experience

The Birth of George

George’s birth was clearly more challenging than we had anticipated, and I think it could have easily resulted in lots of intervention. However, because I was so well rested and in the right frame of mind, I truly believe this is what gave me the strength to be able to deliver naturally and give the birth the ‘welly’ it required.

The Birth of Iris

Mark felt that having a clearly defined role helped him to help me to make informed decisions and not panic when unforeseen issues arose. Even the midwives commented on how calm we were and how “in the zone” I was throughout labour.

The Birth of Jacob

I really had an amazing experience and although things didn’t go to plan I feel so happy with the way it went. Not once did I feel anxious or any fear, the hospital completely accepted all our decisions and not once did I feel pushed into anything. I don’t think I’d have lasted as long at home without the hypnobirthing course. Both me and my partner Luke had prepared as much as we could for labour and we felt that we had a good understanding of our options.

The Birth of Alice

Looking back on the birth, it may not have been the ‘ideal’ scenario, but we went in to the situation informed and in control, which counted for a lot, and faced the situation positively – and Hypnobirthing gave us the tools to do that.

The Birth of Jacob

Brilliant concise classes and techniques that helped me even though my birth didn’t go to my plan. I didn’t panic and felt in control the whole time and that was exactly why we went to your classes. We can’t rate you and hypnobirthing highly enough.


I really think the Hypnobirthing was a major help for both of us. It certainly helped calm us and I’m sure it contributed to getting Seamus out easily and quickly. Oh and he was born in the caul too, it only broke as his head emerged.


We had THE most amazing labour & that is without a doubt down to you teaching us Hypnobirthing & its wonderful techniques.


Gav was amazing and our initial midwife had done Hypnobirthing and completely respected our plan and left us to it.


I needed no pain relief throughout the labour which is testament to how effective hypnobirthing was for us.


For me hypnobirthing has given me an amazing liberating experience, it just felt very natural. The most important thing hypnobirthing has given me is the recovery after birth or lack of it.


Thank you so much for all of your support and guidance, you have made the birth of our baby such a positive, empowering experience and we will always be very grateful to you.


The best part of Hypnobirthing for me was keeping control of my birth and getting the best out of every situation.


I am very very happy and amazed with whole experience and even though to some it might sound scary it wasn’t with right help and information and preparation even over 80 hours I coped and did it all


Despite the need for medical help, I’d had the birth I wanted. I had remained calm and did not scream or shout. We’d remained in control of the options and staff had respected our wishes at every step.

Baby S

The techniques you taught me were amazing!! It was quite a quick birth.
It was such a different experience to my other two births!!


I’m happy to say, I dealt with it as best as I could with just my breathing techniques, visualisations, no pain relief whatsoever and not one tear thanks to you.


I just wanted to email you to let you know that I could not have done any of my birth the way I wanted without yourself or Hypnobirthing.


Although I ended up having a c section the techniques really kept me calm and positive throughout and really helped us make informed decisions.


I got to use my hypnobirthing techniques when I started going into labour as they were deciding when to do the surgery, also it made the c section itself such a calm and positive experience and I have you to thank for that.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask away