Birth Stories

The Birth of Daniel

On the 27th September I went into hospital with my husband Andy to be induced after being 10 days overdue. We made the decision to have the induction at this point due to my first child being born by induction 5 years ago and weighing 10lbs 11 oz. I was nervous that leaving it longer would cause further invention like my first birth as he would have longer to grow!

We were induced at 2pm and the light cramping feeling began straight away. This carried on into the night as the surges got stronger. Most of the labour was in my back so I found standing when the surges came made them easier to handle although it was a bit tiring.

I sat on the birthing ball too but again had to get up for each surge. We had Bridget jones playing and I watched this in between. I also listened to the Hypnobirthing tracks whilst laying on the bed with my eyes closed and this really relaxed me.
Eventually we were sent to the birthing suite but my surges slowed down so I was then sent to the labour ward for my waters breaking. During this time I kept calm and just went with the flow. Remembering to accept the things I cannot control.

I did get a bit upset when the midwife said she was going to break my waters because I remembered from the first birth that surges really kicked in from then on making me want an epidural. I was worried that this would happen again and I really wanted to have as little pain relief as possible. She calmed me and my waters were broken.

Between 7am and 1pm Thursday I was in active labour. I used gas and air and made myself comfortable on all fours on the bed. Andy was fantastic. He rubbed my back and gave me water. He also continued to remind me that the surge was going to be over soon and this really kept me going.
When the head was crowning the midwife realised that I was having another big baby. I managed to push my baby out with the help of three midwives and 2 doctors. It was all a little bit hectic at the end but I did it. He weighed a whopping 11lbs 8oz and is the perfect addition to our family.

I’m so proud of myself and Andy for getting through this journey and having a more positive experience second time round. This was definitely due to the techniques and support we have received through Abby and using Hypnobirthing.

Also, if I can push a nearly 12 pounds out, you girls can do it too!


Louise and Andy, Bradford