Introducing The Beyond Birth workshop to help you become confident parents…

So you are doing all you can to prepare for your baby’s birth.

You’ve booked the classes, you’re ready to start practicing your relaxation techniques and you and your other half are about to rock your birth preferences.

Then you remember you’re going to have a baby! A small, tiny and of course adorable human being of your very own!

Yes you are excited but there’s some apprehension…

You’ve already realised that this parenting malarkey comes with 100’s of contradicting opinions. And EVERYONE ‘knows best’! Or that’s what they’d have you believe!

You feel overwhelmed by the amount of books out there! Books on feeding, sleeping, crying, carrying baby…

You read ‘babies don’t respond to routine’. You then read ‘if you don’t get them into a routine they’ll never sleep’. You read ‘you will live to regret a routine as you’ll be stuck to a rigid schedule and never leave the house’!

You read ‘don’t let your baby get too cold ’. But also ‘don’t let them get too hot as that dangerous’. I mean come on no wonder you’re confused!

And then there’s feeding. You want to Breastfeed but everyone around you tells you they struggled or they couldn’t do it. Why is something so natural so dam hard?

IMG_1782 (1)

So this is where I come in with the Beyond Birth workshop!

A three hour workshop that will tell you what you need to know about your new human. It will give you an understanding of their needs so that you can understand them and help you parent how you want to parent.

We will myth bust! Any information given will be balanced, unbiased and 100% honest.

I won’t ever tell you how to parent (let’s face it you already have lots of people telling you that). I’ll help you discover how YOU want to do things. And how to be confident in your decisions!

You will feel prepared, confident and able to make the best decisions for your new family!

We will cover feeding, sleeping, soothing and much much more. Plus we won’t forget about you. We will talk about how you might feel during this wonderful (but sometimes overwhelming) transition in your life.

Don’t worry we won’t be practicing dressing Baby Annabell or latching her onto a knitted boob. It will be no nonsense, balanced information delivered in a fun yet practical way, with plenty of time for questions.

I’m so excited to offer this empowering workshop- a result of lots of research, my belief that Hypnobirthing is also for parenting and of course my own experience as a mum of three.


Abby (37 of 54)


This 3 hour course is taught as a private session for you and your partner at a cost of £90.

If you have a small group of friends interested in doing it together get in touch for prices.

This workshop is suitable for the second half of pregnancy for both first time parents and those expanding their family. Although this class compliments Hypnobirthing beautifully, there is no requirement to have done or have signed up to a Hypnobirthing course.

The Beyond Birth workshop is purely focused on the postnatal period following your baby’s birth. If you are looking for a thorough birth preparation course, please see my Hypnobirthing courses.

If you have any questions or you’d like to chat further about any of my courses, please get in touch.