Birth Stories

The Birth of Jacob

Abby we can’t thank you enough for teaching us hypnobirthing. Even though things didn’t go as per the birth plan for us we used Hypnobirthing throughout. So much so that Up to 9cm the only pain relief I received was a codeine and 2 paracetamol!

My story is as follows: we started surges at 2pm and put all of our Hypnobirthing skills into practice- we watched comedy, had a nice dinner, I even went to bed! Once I was having 3 surges in 10 mins we decided to go to the birth centre. Once we checked in we were asked to pop to a local hospital as they suspected meconium in my water. At the hospital I was assured no meconium.

I was transferred back to the birth centre and stayed there up to 9cm. At 9cm my waters broke and as I started to push was told that I did in fact have meconium in my waters and the birth centre were unable to care for me so we had to emergency transfer to Hospital. Even though being told not to push for the 15 min transfer wasn’t easy we managed. We did our Hypnobirthing breathing techniques throughout and used a flannel over my eyes to help keep focussed. Throughout the transfer to hospital our baby’s heart rate was low and consistent, with no distress due to the breathing.

When we arrived at hospital we were told that our little boy had turned his head to the side so after 2.5 hours of pushing, we decided that we needed help and we had a forceps delivery. Even though we didn’t want intervention we wanted a healthy and safe birth. Jacob was born 2.20pm exactly 24 hours from the first surge.

Up to 7cm I can say that I had a near pain free birth and after 7cm I feel that hypnobirthing helped me to focus and breath through the surges. So thank you Abby. Brilliant concise classes and techniques that helped me even though my birth didn’t go to my plan. I didn’t panic and felt in control the whole time and that was exactly why we went to your classes. We can’t rate you and hypnobirthing highly enough.

Thank you. Xxx


Rachel and Stuart, Huddersfield