The Birth of Elizabeth

Hi Abby,
I just wanted to let you know the little one arrived on Friday morning at 00:53 weighing 5lb 5oz. She is possibly the most precious and beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. She was delivered at Huddersfield Birth Centre as planned in the water. She was a little star and even came out in her sack still. Had delayed clamping, some skin to skin with me before skin to skin with dad as I had the injection to get the placenta out (it wasn’t budging).
I had felt mild period pains from Thursday morning and they continued throughout the day, along with several bowel movements. At around 7:30 pm, after some dinner out, we went to the Birth Center as I felt that although my surges were irregular in length and interval they were coming at 3 in 10 mins. I got there and they were quite strong. Jo the midwife examined me and said I was 2-3 cm so she did a sweep while there. Well that got things going instantly and not long after I definitely needed paracetamol. This is when I lost my plug.
Soon after I needed to get in the water. That was a relief. Then the gas and air. Javad was brilliant and although there was no time for massage or all the lovely things I’d taken to the hospital he held the gas and air and feeling him there was what I needed. He also set my affirmations playing on my phone. I guess I was in my world of getting this little girl out and the affirmations seemed to say the right things at the right time.
At I think 11:43 pm when checked I was fully dilated and I could tell as I had felt the change before Jo confirmed (but it was good to know I was right on the home stretch). After some seriously ouch pushes, you know like I needed a massive poo, maybe a little cursing (!) and with guidence from Jo, Elizabeth was born at 00:53.
I did start worrying that I couldn’t get her out but Jo kept reassuring me. She kept telling me she could see her head although I didn’t believe her. Also she advised a few position changes as I was squatting in the water for most of it. The final change to holding onto the bars, facing out and pushing my feet into the sides of the bath really helped when the sensation came to bear down.
When she came out I couldn’t believe it. We’d done it!!
Jo pulled her out of the water as I think Javad and I were both in shock and then when the time was right Javad cut her cord. Once I got examined I hadn’t torn and only had a few scrapes!
Abby I can’t tell you enough how thankful to you we are. Without the Hypnobirthing course I know I couldn’t have done that. It meant I was fully prepared and informed. Thank you so so much and I can’t wait to introduce you to her at February’s coffee morning.
She is tiny so had a few heels pricks to check her blood sugar levels and the readings came back perfect. She was latching and feeding like a super star so after an overnight stay we came home this lunch time. I’m already obsessed with poo and wee output!
Huddersfield Birth Center was 100% amazing. The place is full of wonderful, experienced, kind and caring staff. Jo Hutchinson was my midwife during the birth and I owe her so much. She read my birth preferences, knew exactly what we wanted but also clearly could see when, how and what help and guidance I needed. We felt so well looked after at the Birth Center I didn’t want to go home ha.
Thank you again.
Jayne and Javad, Huddersfield