The Birth of Baby C

I had my little boy last week and hypnobirthing helped me so much more than I could of ever expected! Even now I’m using techniques to breastfeed and he has taken to both bottle and breastfeeding like a pro. He’s so calm and chilled out. It’s amazing. I wrote the story for the girls in the group chat so I’ll forward that on to you! Thank you so so much for teaching such a brilliant course.

The Hypnobirthing techniques helped me so much.! I started having waves early hours on Monday morning but they were mild, I was in the spare room so while they were so mild I left my husband to sleep. I was so lucky because he was able to take the day off work Monday…And we chilled out! Calm low lights in the house, funny films, nice cuddly naps! It was fab. Surges in between but still not consistent and only on my back. I had the TENS machine so started using it, found it great for me. I called midwife in the morning cos I was due in, she said to call MAC if waters went or surges got closer together.. 3-4 in 10 minutes.

Tuesday I woke up quite sick and vomiting through the morning. Then my waters broke so I called MAC. They asked  me in to make sure it was my waters, did a scan and told me I’d be back in 24 hours or before if the surges were consistent.
On Wednesday we got ready for 12pm and there was no rush on us!! I was getting surges but not consistent. I had a shower, and took my time. My husband was making  a coffee and then it took us over an hour to park! Still happy, chatting, breathing and chilled meditations.

I got in, the midwife with me was amazing!!! She was checking everything, chatting away then checked how dilated I was.. We couldn’t believe it.. 10cm!!!! I was over the moon so started breathing down with the next surge. Baby was faced up so they brought me in to theatre and used forceps to turn him. I used techniques to breathe him down. Everyone was amazing, still had a calm birth in theatre, low lights and my husband was able to reveal the gender. Such a positive experience!! The midwife was so happy and proud of me, she kept saying it after.

Thanks so much for the hypnobirthing techniques. You explained it in such an amazing way. I’ve recommended it on to everyone. I still remember how well the taster session breathing worked on me. Amazing! Such a positive experience on such a weird year!