Birth Stories

The Birth of Olivia Rose

I woke at 3:45am as my waters broke. We called the midwife and they asked us to go up to the birth centre for them to confirm it was my waters that had broken. My surges had started when we arrived and after checking babies heartbeat and observing me through the surges, the midwife confirmed that I was in labour. We chose to go back home as I hoped to get some more sleep.

By 9am my surges we coming every few minutes and lasting for over a minute. I was working really hard to breath through them and repeating to myself “it will pass, my surges are not stronger than me”. Michael called the birth centre again and we set off.

We arrived at 10am as I began to get the sensation to push. The midwife asked to examine me and after a discussion about the need for an examination I agreed. I was 9cm dilated. The birth pool was ready for me and this really helped me to relax along with the breathing techniques.

After several pushes Olivia Rose was born at 10:55am weighing a perfect 8lb 10oz. Unfortunately I had a tear and lost quite a lot of blood which resulted in a transfer to Calderdale hospital. However this didn’t take anything away from the amazing birth. The hypnobirthing techniques that we learnt with Abby prepared us for birth but it all exceeded our expectations and has left us with such a positive birth story and we’ll definitely be advocating hypnobirthing to everyone! People still don’t believe me when I tell them it was a painless birth, my body did what it was made to do. Thank you Abby and thank you hypnobirthing.

Suzie and Michael, Huddersfield