The Birth of Kyan

Prior to the Hypnobirthing course, I was terrified and panicked by the thought of labour, this was from all the scary stories everyone had told me. As soon as we signed up, Abby advised me to stop watching programs, reading online forums and avoid stories that gave a negative take on labour, which I did and along with the course I went from being scared to looking forward to the birth.

My contractions started at 3.30am, I left Taj sleeping, to rest for the day ahead. I made myself comfy on the sofa, with a hot water bottle and watched back to back Keeping up with the Kardashian’s (secret guilty pleasure). The surges were 5 minutes apart at this point and I breathed through them.
During the day we listened to the mp3 scripts, used the breathing and massage techniques, ate Dominoes, watched some of our favourite shows and tried to remain as relaxed as possible.

The surges intensified towards the evening, we’d been in regular contact with Huddersfield Birth Centre throughout the day and were advised to come in at this point. We got there around 12am and our lovely Midwife Laura had set the birthing suite up with dim lights, candles, relaxing music and the pool all ready (as we’d made them aware that we were hypnobirthing. We brought along our own candles. fairy lights etc but didn’t even end up getting these out of the car).
I choose to be examined at this point but she was unable to see how dilated I was as the babies head was quite low, I got into the pool around 1am, which eased the pain of the surges somewhat, we continued to breath with the surges and we welcomed our little baby boy Kyan into the world a few hours later, weighing 7lb 14oz.
We managed it without any pain relief, no gas/air and luckily I also avoided any stitches, which I believe was due to us remaining calm throughout all the stages of labour and letting my body slowly do what it needed to.
Our midwife was amazing and followed all our guidance on our birth plan, she left us to it and was there when we needed her.

Hypnobirthing truly taught us the techniques to an amazing, calm pregnancy and birth, which enabled us to not panic and remain calm at home and resulted in the perfect birth for us, for this we will forever be thankful to Abby x

Nav and Taj, Huddersfield