Birth Stories

The Birth of Baby S

I gave birth to a baby girl S at 5.28am Tuesday 1st September. The techniques you taught me were amazing!! It was quite quick birth. My surges woke me at 1.45am, I got on my ball, put on my Tens machine, candles and watched a comedy while doing upward breathing and visualisations.

At 3am my waters went and the surges became stronger. The journey across to Calderdale Birth Centre was intense but I kept breathing and had the River Dawn music on. When we got to the birth centre the midwife wanted to examine me on the bed and my husband stepped in and asked if we could do it another way. Unfortunately she said it would be a quick examination and easier performed on the bed so I laid down. I couldn’t wait to get back on my feet. I was fully dialated!

My husband was great, he set up the room, put on my music, answered any questions the midwives had and kept me hydrated.  I stood up holding onto the bed for the whole labour and felt my baby move easily and smoothly down. I used my own instinct on when to push and she arrived after 3 or 4 pushes. We had arrived at 4.30am and she was born in an hour with the help of gas and air and breathing stood up bent over the bed. It was such a different experience to my other two births!!

Thank you xx