Birth Stories

The Birth of Zieva

Hi Abby,

We wanted to introduce the newest hypnobirthing baby, Zieva to you. My birth was comfortable and we welcomed our baby as calmly as possible.

I went into the Calderdale Royal birthing centre at 2:30 in the morning on Saturday as I was bleeding and they wanted to do an assessment. I had inconsistent surges (every 1-4 minutes lasting 30-60 seconds) since 7pm on Friday. As soon as they led us in our room, my waters broke; however, they still believed I was in the earliest stage of labour and were going to send me home so I could relax more and follow my hypnobirthing plan. However, they asked if they could perform a cervical exam just to make sure the bleeding was normal. The Birth Centre midwife decided that, although I wasn’t dilated, that the blood was just a bit too red and wanted a doctor in the maternity triage to check me over before I was sent home. At this point I had intense consistent surges every minute lasting 30 seconds each.

Between giving me a cervical exam and wheeling me up to the triage (Calderdale) and the next cervical exam (maybe 40 minutes), I dilated 7cm and they could see her head. At this point I also got violently ill (due to my surges being back to back with little time to catch my breath) and could feel her coming down the birth canal. They rushed me back down to the birth centre (5 minutes); I was already pushing before entering the birth pool room. Baby was delivered a half hour later.

Unfortunately, I was not able to do a water birth because baby’s heart rate was too irregular due to the cord being wrapped around her neck. When we told them that we wanted to breathe the baby out, the midwives insisted that they coach me through the pushing phase as it was medically necessary to get her out as fast as possible. They were very calm and reassuring and they were able to coach me to listen to my own body. I only had gas and air at the very end (pushing phase) as I was having trouble breathing and relaxing due to the contractions being back to back. Baby Zieva was born at 6:21am at 7lbs 12 oz, 4 hrs after entering the hospital for an assessment.

Although I had a quick labour, was moved and examined a lot, and wasn’t able to have the water birth I wanted, I am still able to say that I am not disappointed or disheartened. Thomas was an amazing support tool and made sure all our wishes were known.

Zieva and I had a wonderful morning of skin on skin. I delivered the placenta naturally within 10 minutes of having the baby and we let the cord stop pulsating before Thomas cut it.

Thank you for all your help in preparing us for the delivery of our baby and giving Thomas the tools to be an excellent birth partner!


Ashlie and Thomas, Birstall