Birth Stories

The Birth of William

Hi Abby,

We just wanted to let you know our little boy has arrived! Thank goodness I went into labour naturally yesterday morning and the whole thing only lasted 5 and a half hours!! My waters broke at 6am and I delivered him at 11.39am .

I used my Hypnobirthing and although it was tough due to progressing so quickly, I stayed in control and was able to deliver him naturally with just a bit of gas and air .

I’m so glad we stuck to our guns and didn’t have the stretch and sweep/induction as I’m sure it only went as well as it did because we waited for him to be completely ready. So far he has been so relaxed and contented too, again I think another triumph of all the Hypnobirthing practice and techniques and letting things happen naturally .

Thank you so much for all of your support and guidance, you have made the birth of our baby such a positive, empowering experience and we will always be very grateful to you.


Sam and Chris, Leeds

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