Birth Stories

The Birth of Willow

We did the course quite a few months ago now, but had done lots of practice since so we felt reassured and calm.
We were just over 41 weeks so were advised to go for a scan just to make sure all was well because Alex had said no to any intervention. It was at this scan we were told our baby would be about 9.5 lbs, which may have panicked Alex if we hadn’t done your course.   The scan was fine.
The very next evening while watching I’m a Celebrity, Alex’s waters broke sat on her ball. We calmly called the birth centre, checked the bags were fine and off we went.  They checked Alex over and said in 24 hours if surges haven’t started, they advised to call the Labour Ward.   The midwife gave no pressure for us to induce after 24 hours and Paul would’ve had the confidence to question it anyway
Surges began the following morning, we arrived at the birth centre at 11.30am.
We had the tea lights out, played some scripts, Paul did a lot of massaging, wet flanneling, feeding and watering and reassuring throughout. The pool birth was calm with no gas and air or meds at all.  Alex felt confident when to switch to down breathing (even though the pressure did give her a slight nosebleed because she has a small nose)
Willow Grace was born at 5.15 and it would have been very different if it hadn’t been for your excellent course and all the ongoing Facebook videos and inspiring birth stories.
Alex and Paul, Halifax