Birth Stories

The Birth of Madeleine

After the false start I had, which I told you about, I must admit I was getting really fed up. I was overdue and starting to feel unwell, ending up in MAU, and the decision was made that I would be induced on Thurs 9th Nov.

I spent the night before preparing my hospital bag and practicing relaxation techniques with my birth partners, my husband and my Mum.

At 5am, my surges started naturally! I was thrilled, especially when my mucus plug came away in the shower a few hours later. I took the decision to let the hospital know I was labouring myself at home, however everything stopped around lunchtime and we decided to go into hospital to see if things could be kick-started again.

After I was started off, things ramped up very quickly and it became very intense suddenly. I will admit that this caused me to panic a bit, however I did the breathing exercises and my husband supported me with this.

I was quickly moved to delivery, where the intensity ramped up even more. At this point I found the counting technique invaluable. It gave me something to concentrate on, I disappeared into my own headspace with each surge and I knew how I would feel by the time I got to particular numbers, which I found immensely helpful.

I pushed out my baby’s head in one push – the midwife couldn’t believe it. I delivered the rest of the baby with my second push, and felt very calm and much more in control than I did during my last birth.

Madeleine was born at 11:16pm on Thursday 9th November, weighing 8lbs 4oz. I am thrilled to have had a much quicker and easier birth this time around. A traumatic previous labour had been the reason I tried hypnobirthing in the first place, and I am so glad I did. Not only did I find some techniques that worked for me and kept me calm during labour, but in the weeks leading up to the end of my pregnancy, my husband and I really enjoyed using the relaxation techniques. This kept my anxieties at bay and helped me feel 100{64448e0dc17f4a1d6c6625b0d46ceb7e37df68e0d0f53650f5ba61c682292748} confident in my husband as a supportive and confident birth partner.

Thank you so much for everything, Abby. I found strength I never knew I had and I am so proud of myself, my husband, and the birth I was able to have this time around.

Jen and Dave, Leeds