The Birth of Jonathan

My guess date was the 19th of September and from the 9th of September I’d started having slight twinges on and off every few days nothing major. On the 21st September cramping started on and off. On the 23rd I started having period pain cramps throughout the night every 10mins, stopping by mid morning. I’d let the birth centre know that I’d started to give them the heads up.

On the 24th surges started strong and quite regular but then eased off, starting again quite intense at tea time and throughout the night. Lee got the birth pool up and I got the tens machine on, I was having one every 10mins lasting 30 seconds.

By the morning of 25th they’d eased off a bit but I’d had a bloody show and my waters were trickling too.
I’d had the tens machine on all night and I’d managed to sleep between surges propped up on the sofa as that was the most comfortable place for me. Lee was in bed with Henry getting as much sleep as possible, there was no point in us all being tired and Lee needed to be on top form to look after Henry and myself.


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