The Birth of Libby

Libby Noelle Harrison made her debut into this world at 1:17pm on Sunday 15th April I was hoping for a water birth with minimal intervention but as with so many labours it didn’t quite go to plan! But thanks to all the techniques you taught us I had a great birth experience.

I called the labour ward on the early hours of Sunday morning as I was worried that my show was an unusual colour, they asked us to come in straight away and we headed to the hospital thinking we would be back home in time for breakfast and that we were just being overly cautious we had no idea we’d be holding our daughter in a matter of hours!

When we got to the hospital we had the shock of our lives to find out the baby was breach and that I was already 2cm dilated. We’d been told since week 36 she was head down and engaged and I’d had 4 stretch and sweeps by 3 different midwives who all had said they’d “tickled her head” and she was head down.

The doctor informed us we had 2 choices a C section or try and turn baby which had a 50/50 success rate but if it didn’t work, baby didn’t like it and her heart rate when up (which she had a history of getting distressed with a high heart rate) would end up in an emergency C section. I felt like all roads led to a C section but I used my birth affirmations to focus on the positives and that we would be seeing our baby that day and although my tranquil water birth was no longer an option having a healthy baby was the main thing.

I spoke with the surgeon and explained that I would like a hypnobirth led C section with my own music playing, minimal talking from the staff in the room, skin to skin contact straight away and delayed cord clamping. The staff were amazing talking us through all our options and respecting our wants and needs and I felt that I had control over what I could control.

Walking into theatre I have honestly never been so scared in all my life and I was shaking like a leaf, once the anaesthetic was delivered and I laid on the bed, Brett put on my chosen track and I focused on my breathing. There was a few complications before the surgery started (I have a severe latex allergy and some of the staff didn’t realise so bits of equipment had to be removed and the process started again) so there was a long gap before the surgery started which I was aware of as I could hear but I was so relaxed and calm focusing on my breathing I just let them get on with their jobs and the nerves and worries I’d had walking in melted away.

The actual surgery felt so quick to me as I was focused on my breathing and I was holding Libby in no time!

After Libby was born the anaesthetist remarked on how calm I was throughout the whole process and if I was meditating as he’d never had anyone’s heart rate go down during surgery before. Which was all down to focusing on my breathing and the techniques you taught me.

My birth didn’t go to plan but I got my beautiful daughter at the end of it so it was all worth it and I know it would have been a very different experience if I hadn’t of attended your classes.

Thanks again
Ellen and Brett, Bradford