Birth Stories

The Birth of Joel

Rach and Gav moved into their new house the day after their estimated due date and that very same evening labour began. This story also busts some myths about back to back babies being difficult labours!

Joel arrived Sunday morning weighing 6lb 8. He is a beauty!!

We got the keys Friday afternoon and I started with intermittent surges Friday night. My surges were every 3 minutes and lasting a minute by 10.30pm Saturday night and when I was first examined I was 2cm at that time. The Birth Centre kept me in 4 hours and checked again and by 4.30am we were heading to the birthing pool at 5cm dilated. Little man arrived at 9.06am.

I had no pain relief at all through the full labour. I heard today that the little man was back to back but we never knew that at the time. We are all really well. We stayed in overnight as Joel was latching but being a bit of a lazy boy but we did well during the night and he’s been a little trooper today.

Gav was amazing and our initial midwife had done Hypnobirthing and completely respected our plan and left us to it, and we were both telling the subsequent midwifes about your course as they were really interested (and shocked) at reading my labour notes!

Rach and Gav, Halifax