Birth Stories

The Birth of Eadie

Our beautiful hypnobaby Eadie was peacefully born on the 1st Dec. I am so glad that we did the sessions with you as it totally made us (both me and Ash- which was nice) feel empowered going into labour and allowed us to not at any point feel anxious about the birth. I started with contractions every 3 minutes Monday night (the night before having her) sat having tea these continued throughout the night.

We made a trip to hospital around midnight to find that I was three centimeters dilated. We decided we wanted to return home to the comfort of our bedroom (my nest) which Ash had made so relaxing. We had candles, music, relaxing scents- we even watched some TV as suggested. At around 3 o’clock we decided to head back to the hospital (difficult when it is your first to know when is right to go) I was in established labour, though this stage was quite long I was able to completely cope using the breathing techniques and visualisations. The midwife kept staying in the room, which we were a little confused about as we had been quite specific in the birth plan! At which stage we realised we hadn’t picked it up and put it in the pack!!!! (My lovely printed copies had gone to waste! Haha!) but after a quick chat with the midwife about what kinds of things we had on our plan our privacy was totally respected and we were left in peace.

Things seemed to speed up a lot. I definitely feel my longer first stage was due to having people coming in and out of the room and not quite having our privacy – So I would definitely recommend being confident in asking for this! Now just me and ash in the room things started to progress much quicker. I had a little help from gas and air and we got in the pool; candles lit, music on – the last part seemed so quick. The bit I had (prior to your course) felt most anxious about, was, when faced the bit I felt most excited about and in control of (control has always been my issue- self confessed control freak!) I felt empowered that my body was about to give us the most perfect gift ever- I started to want to push and the midwife said that it maybe wasn’t quite time yet however I felt I was unable to stop this, the midwife explained to just follow my instinct something that hypnobirthing had also taught me and my instinct was right- at 18.13 our little December Angel arrived. Perfect. Eadie was calm, and has been a really chilled baby. I’m sure this is helped by her calm arrival. Thank you so much for your help, it certainly made birth a positive experience. I felt informed and prepared (and in control!!) I can see why you can’t wait to give birth again! What a magical moment it is in life!

Lucy and Ash, Halifax