Birth Stories

The Birth of Piper

On 3rd January I came to Halifax hospital with reduced movement and after being on a CTG machine for 12 hours the desicion was made to deliver baby Piper 8 weeks and 3 days early on the 4th Jan.

I just wanted to email you to let you know that I could not have done any of my birth the way I wanted without yourself or Hypnobirthing. Although I originally wanted a drug free, home, water birth this obviously couldn’t happen when Piper decided she wanted to meet us a little earlier.

Whilst the doctor in theatre prepped me for my spinal and emergency C-section I used my breathing to stay calm and collected and Eddie and I concentrated solely on ourselves and the fact we would be meeting our baby very soon.

There where some problems with getting Piper out and for a brief minute everything seemed very chaotic but after a few minutes using the magic carpet relaxation I managed to calm down and heard our little girl cry out for the first time.

She is in special baby care at the minute just because she was so early but she is doing fantastically and weighed in at 4lb3oz, born at 6.03pm on 4th Dec.

I just wanted to thank you and hypnobirthing so much for everything you have helped me with!


Shannon and Eddie, Huddersfield