Baby Girl

Our baby girl arrived on Wednesday afternoon. We stayed at home and I was in the pool.
Thank you so much for all of the tools, advise and huge amounts of confidence you helped us gain. As you know Richard and I were both quite nervous about this second birth experience and were considering polar options for birth. You and the course helped us talk about it together and focus on what we would like and ultimately focus on the happiness and power of having a baby.
We wrote a big birth plan, used daily affirmations, practiced breathing and the hypnobirthing mp3’s were a god send. Especially during the days before. Labour kept starting and stopping for me for a few days.
On Wednesday I felt calm and in control. As inspired by the video you showed us went for a walk nice and early at around 7. By 11 we had the pool inflating and the midwife on the way at 12. When she got with us it transpired that she didn’t have tubing for the gas and air! Word went out for second midwife who arrived just as our little girl came out.
I must admit I remained reserved about breathing a baby out….. BUT I BLOOMING WELL DID IT! I still wouldn’t say it was painful just an incredible, intense experience.
I did require some stitching afterwards but again, I was accepting of this knowing it wasn’t something I could easily control or avoid. Letting go of the fear for this will help my recovery mentally and physically
After it was all over, Rich ordered pizza and we sat watching telly stuffing our faces and chatting. It was wonderful.
From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.
Lucy and Rich, Leeds