Birth Stories

The Birth of Alexander

Hi Abby,

Just writing to let you know that we welcomed Alexander Mark into the world on Boxing Day at 2:10am weighing 6lb 10oz. Almost a Christmas Day baby! He was born in the birthing pool in our front room which was lovely as we just had the Christmas tree lights and a few candles lit. My waters broke whilst I was watching toy story at my parents at 8pm on Xmas day and surges started about an hour later so overall a very swift labour. There were no warning signs before that so took everyone completely by surprise.

I used the up breathing techniques and massage from Mark in the first stage which was very effective. I got into the birth pool once I started the down stage and must admit that I drew more on my climbing for this by using “power screaming”. Look up Adam Ondra on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean : )

I needed no pain relief throughout the labour which is testament to how effective hypnobirthing was for us. I needed a couple of stitches afterwards and the midwife recommended gas and air to make it easier. This was welcome for the stitches and I am so glad I didn’t need it for labour as it totally spaced me out. I would have hated not feeling fully in control for the most magical moment.

Thank you for everything.


Jenny and Mark, Halifax