Birth Stories

The Birth of Darcey

We had been to 3 out of the 4 hypnobirthing sessions with Abby but we had an unexpected early entrance to the world for our little one.

So we went into hospital for a quick scan on friday 15th dec. (My predicted due date was 8th Jan). As I was classed as high risk this was an extra 36 week scan and I’d been fairly unwell all december so I suggested to Mathew that he came along to this one to be on the safe side and I suspected things weren’t going too well.

Darcey’s abdomen was measuring on the small side and after one or two other issues the doctor advised that we induce her at 37weeks as she was better out than in. A lot of questions by myself and Mathew to make sure, we agreed that it was absolutely the right thing to do for baby.

We had the weekend to prepare and I was mainly in the bath listening to the hypnobirthing tracks on repeat for the full two days. Mathew also booked me in for a head and shoulder massage on the Sunday afternoon which was marvelous.

I was in Hospital for a few days on a shared ward (definitely take ear plugs and headphones to block out as much noise as poss) with two pessaries over Monday and Tuesday, by Wednesday I was dilated enough for my waters breaking. Immediately after this great news was bad news that there wasn’t enough room for us on the ward we needed to be on. This was my only wobble.

A lot of calming down later (mainly due to Mathew being amazing) I was back on the ball bouncing away practicing my breathing. During this time the only sleep I managed was after listening to the hypnobirthing tracks! It really was a godsend having them to listen to on a shared ward.

Mathew went home at around 9pm on the Wednesday evening (as is standard when mum needs to stay in Hospital) and at 11:30 pm I was awoken to the news that I could go round to delivery. Mat arrived shortly after, I was taken to a large very clinical, cold room but the midwife who was with me constantly was amazing, as was Mat who even though I wasn’t easily accessible for massages, made sure he was there stroking and constantly reassuring me.  I had my waters broken and was hooked up to the monitor and hormone drip to get things started.

We got the lights turned down as much as possible and I was able to cope with the surges that came strong and steady and breathe through them all nicely.

I was then checked at around 6am and was only 3cm dilated. At this point I was finding it really difficult to relax, the room, the canula going in took a few goes, the machines everywhere….my waters were still coming and I was shivering with adrenaline. I knew this was bad news and was in for the long haul so I asked for an epidural, by 7:30am I had one and I’m not sure if it was the act of sitting up for it or just relaxing knowing I was going to be ok after this but the surges very quickly felt different and they were pushing down.

The midwife then checked to see how dilated I was but her head was showing and a short while later with some pushing she arrived with me in a relaxed state talking and happily working through it once the epidural kicked in.

I’m convinced calming down after the epidural just progressed things very quickly as I was able to use the techniques straight away again and without it I would have been in there much longer.

Darcey was born at 9:17 am Thursday the 21st December. Weight: 5.2lbs. We eventually got her home on Christmas Eve!

Everyone was impressed how I managed the surges breathing through them and making the decision for the epidural was possibly the best decision.

Thank you also to Abby who I contacted ahead of the last hypnobirthing session I was missing who sent me everything she could think of to help me prepare and relax. Positive stories and answered. all my questions!

Thank you so much

Danielle and Mathew, Leeds