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The Birth of Alexander

Hi Abby

Thank you soo much for everything, without hypnobirthing I think I would have gave up really easily. I was in not established labour for over 3 days with no sleep and absolutely exhausted. My surges were strong and kept increasing to 1-2 min and after dropping of to 4-5 apart. The Midwives were great but on the last night after checking me twice I was transferred to hospital as I wasn’t dilating and they were worried that I would not be able to push if labour lasted another day or two as I was exhausted.

We went to Halifax where they broke my waters and after 4 hours with contractions every minute I was still 4cm like before. Everyone suggested an epidural before a putting in synthetic drip as they were worried I wasn’t going to dilate at all and epidural was done. Unfortunatelly it didn’t work and before they had chance to do the drip I pushed baby out. So within an hour I went from 4cm to fully dilated and pushed Little man out.

I praise hypnobirthing so so much and what you have taught me and Damian. I would have given up on the second night as I was totally exhausted but I carried on even though both Saturday and Sunday I had to attend Halifax for monitoring as I was 42 plus 1-2 days. I opted for a sweep on the Sunday hoping it will get things moving a long but it didn’t work my body kept reving and coming back down. Hypnobirthing definitely helped with coping with surges and even midwives were amazed how good I was breathing through them. It was different when I had epidural and Damian and my mum were upset as I was exhausted and were struggling so much and especially with epidural not working. Thank god in back of my mind I kept using hypnobirthing.

When I pushed baby I pushed him out in 20min and even though midwife told me to bear down and push, I used the breathing as much as I could and everyone was so amazed with what ease I did it after all the commotion.

I am very very happy and amazed with whole experience and even though to some it might sound scary it wasn’t with right help and information and preparation even over 80 hours I coped and did it all. Thank you soooo much for your help.


Masha and Damian, Huddersfield

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