Birth Stories

The Birth of Clark

Hi, I wanted to introduce our little Hypnobaby Clark! I didn’t get the whole labour experience I had hoped for as I was ‘told’ that I would be induced 10 days after his EDD, my skills that I had learned came Into practice straight away and I pushed back to 2 weeks but decided to go with the induction after 11 days as my blood pressure was raised.

After meeting with Abby and looking at the skills I could use I felt confident and calm going in knowing it was the best decision for me and baby. I seemed to have obstacles after obstacles along the way that I dealt with but thinking of ‘now’ and was clear all along with every midwife that I was going to push their boundaries and do what was right and safe for me and baby. This was met at every stage and person with the up most respect and care for my feelings. I even got 6 hours after breaking my waters to see if labour could start naturally with out any fuss (the process in Leeds currently is to get you on the drip straight away).

I had to eventually go onto the drip and I managed well with just relaxation and gas and air but they turned the drip up to high and I ended up with an uncontrollable urge to keep pushing my baby out whilst I wasn’t dilated fully and so for mine and my sons safety I had and epidural to avoid pushing too soon.

At this stage I must admit that I was a little disheartened, but we set the room up into a peaceful beautiful surroundings to birth my baby and welcome him into the world calmly and relaxed.

Clark came out so alert, calm and happy and whilst other babies screamed the ward down Clark had a lovely peaceful night sleep. The best part of Hypnobirthing for me was keeping control of my birth and getting the best out of every situation.

The Midwives were so welcoming and helpful with me at every stage and not once made me feel like a fuss pot, the breathing and relaxation was so important and using the ‘now’ technique got me through. So please if your birth plan doesn’t go to plan please do not be disheartened just make the most of every stage! I would not change my birth for anything in the world and thanks to Abby I got my calm Hypnobaby after all!


Lisa and Mark, Leeds